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What is Cash Out on 1xBet

1xBet is an internationally renowned company and one of the most reputable sports betting sites worldwide. At the moment, it has more than 400,000 members across every continent.

It attracts a multitude of users daily since it is very appreciated by sports betting fans and offers excellent wagering services. The organization still hasn’t stopped expanding but has already won the hearts of thousands of African users, including Nigerian ones. 1xBet is a sportsbook that has been established on the Nigerian market for nearly ten years now and is considered one of the best betting platforms in the country. The site has such an excellent reputation, and not without reason: it is popular for being a very user-friendly site and proposing an extremely large array of sports, including even niche sports. Besides, the organization has an amazing collection of promotional offers and bonuses, which surely attract lots of clients every day, not to mention that the site regularly adds various new interesting betting features and options to its platform. Regarding the active growth of such websites, it’s not surprising that 1xBet is considered one of the top-rated sportsbooks in Nigeria. In today’s article, we are going to discover the “Betslip Code” option and all of its characteristics, look at it in detail, and explore its main functions. Let’s go!

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What Is a Betslip Code?

1xBet What Is a Betslip Code

To begin, it seems necessary to define what a betslip code or coupon is. Basically, a code of this type consists essentially of alphanumeric characters with predicted selections that are prepared in advance before the bet may be placed. Betslip codes are usually developed by 1xBet staff and partners so that the company’s clients may access preplanned forecasts. There are various ways to activate your betslip code and profit from it on the site, such as via the desktop version or the mobile app. We’ll get to this later; in the meantime, let’s plunge deeper into characterizing this feature.

What Information Does a Betslip Code Contain?

A betslip coupon, since it’s a code, mainly consists of different letters and numbers that, when activated, permit members to access the information of a standard bet. When members place a bet on the 1xBet platform, all the information and details of this wager may be seen on the betslip and, respectively, on the betslip code. This means that when activating a betslip code, users simply get to know the main information that a wager contains, which usually consists of the following data:

  • Bet’s unique reference number
  • Sport
  • Event
  • Teams
  • Amount of money placed

How to Find It

1xBet How to Find It

If you wish to find your betslip codes, then we may assure you that this procedure is incredibly easy. Locating this type of code will not take you more than a few minutes since all you need to do is navigate to your personal profile. Simply log in to your account, and open your “Bet History.” From now on, you will be able to visualize all the bets you have previously placed and locate their reference code.

Bet Verification

Verifying a betslip code before using it is a necessary procedure in order to check if it’s legit or not. That’s why the 1xBet company developed a special tool that permits members to confirm or not the validity of a bet code. To ensure that our readers correctly locate and access this tool, we developed a short guide that will help and guide you through the procedure.


Log into your profile as you usually do, enter the information you provided during registration, and tap on “LOG IN.” Now that you have accessed your account follow the next steps.

Useful Links

After accessing your profile, stay on the home page but scroll to the bottom until you locate the “Useful Links” button. Simply tap on it and wait for the page to open.

Bet Slip Check

On the “Useful Links” page, locate the “Bet Slip Check” option and click on it. When you’re done, you will only have to enter the bet code that you wish to test in the corresponding field. Finish by tapping on “CHECK” and confirming your demand. You will be able to see the result instantly.


To avoid using fraudulent or faulty betting codes, we may recommend always checking them before you begin betting. The 1xBet company has not developed this tool without reason, so always double-check the code you wish to activate. Besides, we would also enjoy giving you a few tips to prevent any kind of dangerous activity and protect your betting experience on the platform.

  • Be careful when looking for codes online
  • Always verify your sources
  • Don’t accepts codes from suspicious partners
  • Don’t engage in dangerous schemes

Mobile App

The organization developed a very neat mobile application for its users to make their betting experience more convenient. This application permits access to the same unique 1xBet features as on the desktop website, including the betslip code feature. In case you wish to verify a betting code using the mobile application, we can assure you that the procedure is simple and straightforward and doesn’t differ much from the desktop method. Let’s have a look at it!

Open the App

Open the 1xBet mobile application and perform the standard login procedure. After having accessed your profile, you may follow the next steps.

Bet History

When you have successfully logged into your personal account, you are now able to navigate through the mobile application. Locate the “Bet History” option and click on it.

On the Bet History page, you will be required to find another tool that is called “Bet Slip Scanner.” After locating it, simply tap on it.

Enter the Code

After accessing the “Bet Slip Scanner,” you are finally able to enter the bet slip code you wish to check for legitimacy. Tap the code of your bet into the required field, confirm your request, and the site will instantly identify it.


Our team of experts advises 1xBet users to be very careful with the codes they find online. There may be suspicious betting slip codes that are easily found on the web and that are sometimes shared for fraudulent purposes. Be very careful with the data you get from unverified resources.

How to Use It

1xBet How to Use It

The 1xBet bet slip code is actually a very interesting way of profiting from the sports betting experience on the site. It permits members to share various betting combinations with each other and learn more about different tactics. This method differs a little bit from the standard process and also permits bettors to spice up their playing styles. There are different ways to activate the bet slip code on the platform, and all the methods are very handy, which surely is a positive point. We developed a short instruction in order to guide our readers through the process and lend them a hand in accessing this feature.


If you prefer activating your bet slip code via the official 1xBet site, we may guarantee that this method is simple and rapid. Besides, it is surely the most standard and popular one among Nigerian bettors since most members of the site access the platform via its desktop version. Let’s have a look at the procedure itself and discover our step-by-step guide.

  1. Navigate to the 1xBet official site.
  2. Access your personal account.
  3. When on the main page, locate the bet slip field.
  4. Tap on “Save/load bet slip.”
  5. Enter your bet slip code.
  6. Click on “Load.”
  7. Done!

Mobile App

If you are more of a mobile user, then you will surely enjoy accessing this feature via your mobile gadget. Since the 1xBet app is available for both iOS and Android members, you may profit from this function from almost any device accessible on the market. We found this 1xBet option very neat and developed a short guide for our app users as well.

  1. Open the 1xBet mobile app.
  2. Log into your personal profile.
  3. Locate and tap on the Bet Slip icon.
  4. Click on “Download Bet Slip.”
  5. Tap in your code in the required field.
  6. Press “Upload.”
  7. You’re done!

Both desktop and mobile app procedures are very convenient; it all depends on members’ preferences.

Code Lost

1xBet Code Lost

It happens for bettors to lose their betting codes, and this can sometimes lead to stress. But don’t panic! We’ve got your back. Every betslip code is safe while it’s in the hands of the 1xBet company. The organization keeps track of every bet placed on the platform, which means that if you have lost your personal bet code, you will always be able to locate it. To do so, simply enter your personal profile and navigate to “Bet History.” On this page, you will be able to visualize all the bets that have been placed on your account, along with their respective bet codes.

Pros and Cons

1xbet Pros and Cons

Just like every betting feature, the betslip code has its own pros and cons. Many bettors adore it; some don’t even know about it, and others prefer not to use it in their betting experiences. That’s why our team decided to gather all of the options’ advantages and disadvantages and contrast them so that our readers could make their own verdict.

  • The Betslip Code option permits members to exchange tactics and strategies.
  • It allows users to profit from interesting betting options.
  • The feature permits bettors to save some time on making betting selections.
  • The code allows users to make profitable bets with the pickings of other experts.
  • The bet code is often found online, which doesn’t guarantee its safety.
  • Sometimes, the codes exchanged on the internet may be either fraudulent or fake.
  • It happens for codes to not be legit.


1xBet Conclusion

To sum up, in our review of the betslip code feature, we found this feature quite interesting but not totally safe. While exploring the site and using this option, we noticed that sometimes it is much safer and more entertaining to place bets ourselves and not profit from third-party information. However, this option permits you to save some time and familiarize yourself with new betting strategies, exchange with other bettors online, and learn new tactics. We can’t say that this function is bad, just as we can’t say that it is incredibly neat. Some bettors appreciate it a lot, whereas some prefer to place bets the traditional way. In this article, we covered most of the data regarding betslip codes, but if you still have some questions, don’t hesitate to take a look at the FAQ below.

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What is the code from the app 1xBet?
The 1xBet platform has a multitude of different codes; if you wish to learn more about them, please check our article about 1xBet codes.
How do I withdraw my winnings from 1xBet?
Simply navigate to your account and tap on “Withdraw Funds.”
How do I use 1xBet in Nigeria?
Visit the bookmaker’s official site, invest your funds, and place bets.
Which is better between 1xBet and Bet9ja?
We assume that 1xBet is better since most Nigerian bettors prefer it.

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