How to Cash Out on 1xBet in Nigeria

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How to Cash out on 1xbet in Nigeria
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There is nothing worse than watching the team you bet on lose. In addition, you literally see how your chance to win melts before your eyes and, moreover, your real money burns too. However, with 1xBet, this kind of situation is not that bad! You can still save the day with the cash-out feature. Let’s look at how this option works in 1xBet Nigeria platform and how to use this feature correctly.

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What is Cash Out?

1xBet What is Cash Out?

The cash-out feature has recently appeared on betting platforms. The 1xBet service in Nigeria was one of the first to introduce this profitable option. In fact, cashing out will allow you to keep at least part of the winnings if the match does not develop as you planned. However, the use of this feature requires specific knowledge and developed intuition. So, if you have already passed 1xBet verification and registration and want to start betting, it’s time to learn about this helpful tool.


The cash-out option allows you to save a bet by closing it before the bet loses. It allows the player to accept the payout offer before the end of the event. The cash-out rate varies based on live odds and is unavailable if live betting is suspended. In addition, cashing out a bet will void any bonus promotions attached to that bet.

How Does It Function?

In essence, the system offers a “payout rate,” which represents the amount the bookmaker is willing to pay the client if they place a bet at that moment. The number of payouts is always less than it would have been if the bet had continued and won, but obviously, it is more than if the bet had lost. The player makes the decision on the actual value of the payout.

For example, let’s say a bettor wagered $100 on Team 1 to beat Team 2 for 1.50. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, team 1 is leading with a score of 82:76, and in live betting, it now gives a coefficient of 1.17. The suggested withdrawal amount (including stake and profit) will be around $117 (depending on their margin).
Although there is some profit on offer for the players, it is much less than the profit they would have received if they had kept the bet and Team 1 kept winning.

Benefits of Cash out at 1xBet

A simple calculation determines the cash out amount:

Cash Out = (Original Decimal Odds / Live Decimal Odds) x Stake

Let’s calculate the payout according to our example:

Cash Out = (Original Odds / Real Time Odds) x Stake = (2.25 / 1.92) x $100 = 1.17 x $100 = $117.

Using the cash out will not make you a millionaire. In unfortunate cases, you will be able to return only a part of the funds wagered. However, if we compare such an outcome with a complete loss of the bet, the benefit for the user is obvious. It is a great way to save at least some money and not lose it all.

Of course, in the end, the team can win. However, then you will miss out on a significant profit. Therefore, the use of cash out requires the ability to assess the situation and make decisions quickly.

How to Use Cash Out Feature on 1xBet in Nigeria

How to Use Cash Out Feature on 1xBet in Nigeria

The 1xBet service offers this option for many sporting events, including football and hockey matches, tennis tournaments, and auto racing. If the feature is available for the event you selected, you will see it in the bet menu.

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow the instructions below to use this feature on the 1xBet Nigeria platform:

How to Cash Out

How to Cash Out

 Learn how to cash out with this simple step-by-step guide

1. Logging Into Your Account

1. Logging Into Your Account

Use your username/phone number and password to log in to your account on the website or mobile application.

2. Open Bet History

2. Open Bet History

Go to the Bet History section of your account. You can also use the My Bets button on the betting slip.

3. Request a Cash Out

3. Request a Cash Out

Click on the desired bet and select the Sell Bet slip option. In the window that opens, select the desired withdrawal option. To confirm the action, click on the Sell button.

Features of the offer, as well as the available amount, are calculated individually for each event. Therefore, the options offered in the dialog box can differ significantly.


There are three options for selling a bet on the 1xBet Nigeria platform:

  • In the first case, you completely close the bet, having received a specific compensation. After that, your bet is no longer involved in the game.
  • The second one allows you to cash out only part of the bet. Part of the amount is credited to your account, and the reduced bet continues to play. If your team wins, you will receive the winnings based on the reduced stake.
  • The third option is the automatic sale of the bid. You pre-set the amount at which you want to sell the bet. The system constantly monitors the odds and cashes out the bet upon reaching the amount you specified.

The sell bet feature may not be available for some events. In addition, the service administration may limit the withdrawal without explanation.


1xbet Recommendations

To make cash out really beneficial for you, follow simple recommendations:

  • Listen to your intuition. Sometimes the team you bet on can perform poorly in the early game. It does not mean that you need to sell the bet immediately. Use all your experience as a fan to predict possible developments. If your intuition tells you the game is about to change, you might want to take the risk.
  • If you cannot follow the event’s progress in real-time, set a limit using the auto-sell option. It will help you avoid severe losses if your team ends up losing.
  • Carefully analyze the composition of the bet. If you have used bonuses, be careful because they are not considered when selling a bet. In such a situation, perhaps the best option would be to wait for the event’s outcome.

In other words, approach each bet individually and carefully analyze the current situation. There is no universal recipe for all cases. Depending on the specific conditions, the same solution may be the best or the worst.

Understanding Limits

The rules of the 1xBet service in Nigeria indicate that specific limits are determined for each event. It means that, in some cases, you can only cash out the entire bet. For other events, partial cash out will be available, in which part of the bet is still in play, and the remaining amount is returned to your account.

Right Moment to Cash Out

The player can use the cash-out option at any time during the game if the feature is active in the bet slip. That is, from the technical side, you can sell the bet at any stage of this offer.

Different strategies can be used to determine the best time to cash out:

  • Set a limit for yourself, after which you will sell bets. This approach is optimal from a psychological point of view and allows you to minimize the loss.
  • Use the advice of experienced forecasters. With this strategy, you sell the bet only when you receive a prediction about the loss of the team you bet on. The downside of this approach is the dependence on someone else’s opinion and the removal of responsibility for the result.
  • Analyze statistics and trends independently to determine the most likely development of events. It is the best approach that allows you to determine the best moment to sell a bet independently.

Remember that selling a bet always leads to certain losses. However, this is a much more profitable option than a complete loss.

Winnings Maximization

Regarding a cash out, it is correct to talk about minimizing losses. However, a timely sale will allow you to get your funds back and bet on another event. You should not build a game strategy using bet selling. The bookmaker offers it so that you can slightly correct a losing situation. Therefore, the best approach is to use the sell rate only in extreme cases.

Score with 1xBet



The ability to cash out is another fantastic innovation that takes online and mobile betting to new heights of appeal. When used correctly, this can be a profitable exercise for any forecaster. Nigeria’s 1xBet casino and sports betting platform offers an excellent cash-out program. You can save your investment and avoid crushing losses. Avoid common mistakes, and this feature will improve your betting experience. The main thing is to learn how to use the opportunity properly.


How long does it take to cash out in 1xbet?
Choosing the conditions for selling a bid and confirming your consent takes less than a minute. You can do it in a few clicks online or in a mobile application. After confirmation of the cash out, the funds are instantly credited to your account, and you can immediately use them for further bets.
What is the minimum cash out on 1xbet?
The system calculates the minimum and maximum amount available for cash out for each event separately. Moreover, as the odds change, the offer to sell the bet also changes. Therefore, you will see the current conditions in the bet slip. Please note that the data changes in real time. Accordingly, the odds could change if you thought about the offer for a long time. In this case, the system will prompt you to confirm the sale under the new conditions.
Can I withdraw my bonus on 1xBet?
To be able to withdraw funds, you need to make the first deposit on 1xBet and wager it. Only after the conditions are met the withdrawal function will become available. The bonus players receive upon registration cannot be withdrawn immediately. You must first use it to wager, and only then can you withdraw the wagered money.
What is the maximum deposit for 1xBet in Nigeria?
The amount of account replenishment depends on the payment system you have chosen. In most cases, there is a minimum deposit amount. Unfortunately, there is no information about the maximum limits on the official website of the bookmaker.
How to get free money in 1xBet?
The service offers excellent welcome bonuses, up to triple your first deposit. These funds are instantly credited to your account, which you can use for betting. Many users also google the question, “Can I withdraw my first deposit on 1xBet?” After wagering the bonus, you can withdraw the entire amount in a convenient way for you. In addition, 1xBet regularly holds promotions for regular users. As part of such programs, you can get free bets, bonus money, and much more.

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